LED system 4Twenty


NEW! 4Twenty comes with a TOP quality LED grow light with high quality features and modular connectivity!

With an introductory price of € 199.50 it leaves the competition far behind, a real winner!

Properties 420 LED System:
✔ 100% silent
✔ IP65 waterproof
✔ 5 years warranty
✔ Dimmable from 10 – 100%
✔ Modular Connecting System [MCS].
✔Samsung LEDs 2.9 µmol/W | 150 Watt power consumption

Gratis verzending boven €100,-!

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  • Verpakking discreet
  • 3 jaar garantie
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4Twenty comes up with a new modular LED grow light, the 420 LED System! By mutually linking the lamps, the fixture can be adjusted to the size and shape of the grow space.

High efficiency LEDs

The 420 LED System is equipped with 312 TOP-bin Samsung LEDs with an average efficiency of no less than 2.9 μmol/J! This makes 420 one of the most powerful LED grow lights.

Dim control

The 420 LED System is equipped with a 10-100% Dim Controller that makes it possible to adjust the light intensity to the needs of plants in every phase of the lighting cycle. This simple operation and plug-and-play installation make growing with 420 very easy.

Modular Connecting System [MCS]

The 420 LED System is modular. The lamps can be interconnected using two steel profiles, the optional Connection Kit. The connection can be made on all 4 sides of the lamp, allowing the size of the system to be infinitely adjusted to the surface to be illuminated.

The 420 lamps have guides that the profiles fit exactly. The distance between the lamps can be set to 10 positions. 

100% silent

Unlike many standard LED grow lights, the 420 is completely silent. The LEDs are cooled passively by the solid aluminum frame, and therefore do not need to be actively cooled by fans. In addition, fans consume power, making the 420 even more energy efficient.

An additional advantage is that the 420 LED System requires no maintenance because of the absence of fans! Fans attract dust and need to be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary. In addition, rotating parts, such as fans, do not last as long as LEDs and will therefore need to be replaced at some point.

Waterproof housing

The 420 LED System is completely waterproof. The LEDs are fully enclosed by an optical lens, so even very high humidity presents no problems. In addition, the heavy-duty one-piece cast aluminum frame encloses all components. 

Suspension system

The 420 LED System is provided with two suspension systems. A standard steel wire suspension system with carabiners and an adjustable 34 Kg rope-ratchet suspension system. In addition, the 420 is equipped with a 2.5-metre long nesting cable with a standard earthed EU plug.


The use of high-quality components and a solid waterproof housing guarantees a very long life, even under the often harsh growing conditions. This is why the 420 LED System comes with a 5-year factory warranty!

Emerson effect

The light spectrum of the 420 LED System has an Emerson Enhancement Red to Red ratio. The effect is that the degree of photosynthesis is not just the sum of the 660nm + 730nm photosynthesis reactions. However, the combination of the two reactions generates a biological energy response that is greater than the sum of the two reactions separately. The balanced light spectrum allows plants to develop naturally, which contributes to optimising yields, both qualitatively and quantitatively!